Happy with a side of Depression

So I write this post after many weeks post surgery, I say many its only like 15 weeks which is not alot when dealing with major surgery like my hip replacement, and I am really depressed again.

At this point some of my readers might be like, you ungrateful dick or shit you suck, as a person, and yes I agree, I do act like an ungrateful smurfburger.

This last few months I have seen and noticed an increasing amount of my people dealing with depression and anxiety related health issues like mine.


My life is still not good, yes I am happy to have this awesome new hip, Yes I am amazed to be able to walk more awesomesauce, but, the rest of my body and mind still says fuck you world.

Thus I sit here again wondering why, why, do many countries like Australia not give enough healthcare to mental health, so people like myself, who could be really happy and not worry about my-life, and others also can feel so, and my family and friends constantly who also are struggling to understand me, can see how amazeballs healthcare can help me.

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