More Machine than Man

Frustrated and feeling less alive then ever before, my body has reached a point in it’s progression with Ankylosing Spondylitis, that I can barely walk some days due to severe hip pain and immobility.

I spoke with my surgeon today about my need for this hip to be replaced, and because my joints are so displaced in shape, I will need a full 3D scan of my bone structure so they can construct me a new hip joint.


If waiting for months to firstly find out can I have a new hip was tedious enough, I now find out while waiting for said hip replacement, the wait is long due to the fact I have no money and have to rely on the Australian Government’s Medicare to pay for it, and they let us wait for months, that this 3D scan will delay the surgery more so.

I’m not remotely happy with my current health, not being able to go out to conventions, concerts or just walk through the shops and browse, I have turned even more towards adding features and videos on while I wait with very little patience.

The Xray above is not of me, but from left to right it shows the sort of wear and displacement my hip has been doing over the years.

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