Driving my Life while Depressed and Happy

Sometimes when a person wakes up they are already depressed, and other people are super happy, not everyone notices or understands these moments, it takes a special person to see and understand them.

Recently I started going to a group for people who need help, because I needed help for many reasons, and not the help I get from my psychologist and psychiatrist, but help you get from finding out you’re not the only one struggling with your health problem.

Wylona Hayashi-140.jpg

And now I feel alone, more lonely then I have since my friend died seven years ago, so I am putting lots of effort into my website http://www.chroniccrippler.com for fellow Australians interested in fantasy, horror and sci-fi stuff to keep me busy.

Maybe it will help me not feel alone, in this world of over 7 billion people, whom some get along and some understand each other.