That day is fast approaching, the 10th of August again…

A long time ago I met a young man, he was nothing outstanding the day I met him, but I was to learn otherwise.
Many days and I should say months later this man introduced me to a world I had yet to learn existed, he showed me the true nature of console gaming, the understanding of what J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings was really about and Dungeons and Dragons tabletop gaming.

We became fast friends and destructive partners in all things creative and depressive, JJ showed me how to best play Mario Party, full of life and mostly drunk, he taught me how to paint miniatures with colour and life I had never imagined, he showed me a world of imagination through Dungeons and Dragons I never thought could exist, and he reminded me of my own hidden bisexual life that I kept to myself and my partners.
But most of all James Jafa Jowers showed me how to live, with excitement and love, with colour and humour, with the ability to forgive and forget the ugly past of our dark pasts, and most of all how to let others into my life again after I had lost so much before.
I will always love that strange little english man, the one who made me wake up from the darkness, the one who showed everyone around him that he was awesomesauce, and that he cared and loved you for who you were.
Thank you James Robert Jowers,
May I see you next time.

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