Why I Nearly Cried

Today was just another day, similar in many ways to any other day I go through, my Arthritis was not to bad, same as my Ankylosing Spondylitis, but my Bipolar was having its way with me, much like a glass of water wishes it could.
By the end of the day, and by day, I mean my maximum amount of life out doors including working for a short amount of time I can cope with, I discovered I was cold, the abnormal cold I reach when my Arthritis and Ankylosing Spondylitis have teamed up on me and are working in complete syncosity with each other to make me feel like a mushroom.
You know, something kept in the dark and only fed bullshit.

So off I wandered to the local bottleshop for some oh so relaxing scotch, and as I walked in the door the young and amazing girl behind the counter asked “How is your bad back today?”
I stopped in my tracks, and at that moment, I…….. I nearly cried………
Why you may ask, well It is as simple as this, at that moment I could see in her eyes and the way she held herself as a human being, she wanted to actually know the answer to her question, her question about me!!!

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