Waiting for Patience

Slow fine misty droplets fall slowly all about, traffic is light early in the year, or might it be because its almost lunch hour. Parking is near nonexistent like always, making disabilities more apparent during the moist long walk to the doctors. The receptionist is new, causing instant anxiety about the visit, hasty filing humour is shared helping ease the moment of finding a seat in an almost over burdened waiting room.


Thoughts of catching an infection slowly lessen as the room empties when patients are called, the mind then travels over remembrance list of problems for when the doctor calls your name. Patience is once again stretched out before being called forth, still hope that all is agreeable, that healthy levels have been maintained throughout, mild anxiety stays during the wait to see if life continues the same or changes yet again.

Lightning in the Darkness of 1993

Lightning lights the sky with all its majesty and power, a car drove on towards its destination, its occupants now in silence after a long trip full of laughter and ecstatic conversation, the driver concentrates as the inevitable thunder rolls through the skies, a quiet smile and frown of frustration crosses the drivers face, at the knowledge of making two passengers very happy and the inevitable solo drive home and consequential darkness to be found there.
The sky once more lit up with beautiful lightning, they all remembered the excitement of being able to leave their different yet similar daily existences earlier that day, thoughts drifting across their minds of laughing during lunch before setting out together to see a friend at home, the jokes and funny reminisces that occurred during the trip, the joy and happiness when arriving finally at their friends house, the never ending chatting and recounting of fun days now gone bye, and finally the emotions that always come with departure.


The car finally stops to drop off the first friend, hugs and promises of seeing each other more often are shared, then the car travels on a short while to drop off the last passenger, there is a silent pause before one asks the other “do you think they are happy?” After a short moment to gather thoughts, the other replies “are you?”
With that pondered over for a few moments they share similar good byes and the driver heads off on a long trip home, happiness and sadness felt all at once, until the silence of home changes the pattern with its welcoming embrace of darkness.

Another New Year Another Death

Some people are destined to be heroes, to be recognized and remembered for their greatness, the words I lay before you on this page are not about one of these heroes,  neither am I the writer going to be recognized or remembered as such when I’m gone, no, the slow process of remembering those unknown to the news, bloggers and tweeters were true heroes, not the kind the world expects, but whom the people needed.Featured image